ghost in the gaslight
ghost in the gaslight
There is Sublime Thunder Beneath Every Harmless Moment

"The Moon Tree" {Premium Print on 'Museo Max 250 Paper} on 11"x17"

"The Moon Tree" {Premium Print on 'Museo Max 250 Paper} on 11"x17"


What is it about that most inextricable bond we have as human beings? I am speaking of our bond with Nature. Strange we never cease to forget it, only to feel irresistibly yearning to reconnect with something... of the Earth. It is as though we suddenly become {re}possessed by it. I always say to myself 'If it is something that wakes you up at 2am and makes you act on it right then that is as real as it gets.' We have all been there haven't we?

I have a long standing romance with the haunting effects of the "Dipping" Fountain Pen. I also enjoy Ghost Stories! What you see here is a loving culmination of the two reproduced as a fine art print.

I created this Ink Illustration whilst writing the Tiny Ghost Story, titled, "The Moon Tree" which accompanies it.

SIZE: 11" x 17"

THE ART: has been enlarged for the benefit of the eye of the beholder. Enjoy the many idiosyncrasies as passionate nuances of the artist's hand as well as the ink's manifestation on the paper come to the fore. The Artist finds this to improve upon the original.

THE STORY: is meant as a moment of mystery to be felt by the onlooker and the drawing is such that it cannot be separated from the picture. Why, you ask?

What you are getting is a look at the Artist's mind at the time of the drawing. Whilst the two were created simultaneously, inspiring one another, the writing is not on the original drawing as it is here. You are, in fact, getting a piece that is truly unique from the original and in a few ways- it is more complete. 

Both the strokes and the words build off of each other. The Picture becomes a "continued" experience upon reading the story, haunting the viewer. It is your own Ghost Story upon the Wall...

Rounding out the relationship between image and writing is the glory of the one and only "Trattatello" Font which was forged by renowned font designer, James Grieshaber. The effect is that of being swept away from the mundanities of the day on the exquisite flourish of this Romantic Style.

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THE INK: What you see before you is the subtle magic of Epson's "Ultrachrome". It even brings out the shine and gleam from the dipping fountain inks of the original. It also recreates the off white color from the sketch paper, the fleeting pencil marks beneath and even some light eraser trails. Ah the Artist tried to keep things clean in the end but this ink and high quality printing bring you the charming little accidents...

THE PAPER: Enjoy a matte finish on high quality Museo Max 250gsm Paper- the stock I found to be ideal for maintaining the quality of the premium printing whilst also being quick to lose it's curl upon mailing. 

It is said that this museum quality fine art paper, if left completely alone would last indefinitely and up to 200 years before any irregularities occur. 

SHIPPING: You will receive your print in 1-2 weeks, wrapped in fine tissue and rolled in a cardboard mailing tube. 
TIP: If you are interested in multiple prints add up to two more in you shipping tube and you will only pay shipping for one print total!

FRAMING: If you plan on getting your artwork framed- a high-quality mounting option is available as well.