The Knight In Shiningest Armor

"Unclean!" He bellowed. And the dreaded rag came to his gauntlet again. And thus he began furiously polishing the spot of his sparkling shoulder whereupon she had wrapped her grateful arms and rested her appreciative cheek."Unclean!" and the endless array of interlocking plate-metal clattered about so much, one might mistake such cacophony for swords and shields in argument. 

Aye, and this pernicious scenario continued every time she leaned upon her rescuer. Indeed and to make matters worse it seemed that the more he polished his armor- the angrier he seemed to be.  And so, the poor maiden was made to feel 'Dirty'. Even her tears felt Dirty. O, what to do?


O... but how to broach the subject? After all he did this all in the name of being of the Shiniest Shiningest Knight in all the land- to be worthy of her honor. He did this mad shiny-ing business for Her not himself. And what a disappointment she was turning out to be. And there he was polishing away. O... how to politely say it? "If I may, Sir Claude- I prefer a Knight's Armor with a subdued sheen to it" no that would imply that she had already been through a selection of other Knights. 

"Come now dear powerful Sir Claude- it is a mark of thine own courage to brandish thy Maiden's smudge to go with the Dragon's Burnish". Lord help her that sounded awfully assertive rather than Maiden-like. How disrespectful her thoughts felt. She was grateful to have been rescued but now so completely alone... for how could she tell this all to her Knight in Shiningest Armor?! That she now saw the Woe... and it was his Armor.