The Storm and the Question

This rain. It began like a mist. A memory of the rainfall where she grew up. It was like a thin gossamer-so quiet and fragile and now building to angry little drops from a violent heaven. How could she conduct her vast administrations of the day in this- this sound of a million wallops to her serenity! CRACK!!

The lead of her pencil broke like a camel's back- nay- a thunderclap! Curse this belligerent rain. What a nerve it has! It was as though something small and dark and frantic were throwing itself against her walls a billion times, angling to rip her house Asunder. And then she heard it... between all the raindrops- a Murmur.

The Storm And The Question.PNG

The louder the rain came, the softer the message and yet it was all she could hear. And with thirsty ears she drank it's faint words: "This is Music."

And looking about the scattered papers and mathematics, she stared back out the window to see a familiar shape in the rainfall. And the shape whispered, "Remember?" 

The Storm And The Question SKETCH.jpg

And now enjoy a behind the scenes look at the illustrating of the afore-told Ghost Story "The Storm and The Question". Listen!