A Loving Gust

Serena sat there upon her very owned porch. In front of her very owned house. Her empty house. With pink and purple walls that now seemed to run a crimson.

A quiet place but for the sounds of mini porcaline hurricanes. That house. Full of everyone- but the child. That laughing child. 

 That giggling infantile phantom she desperately wanted and needed to feel needed by. "This world needs you. I need you." And with frenzied fingers foraging through the forests of tangled locks in her scalp as if trying to access a racked brain, she asked, "Why don't YOU need ME?" 


And in that time of still things there- the time of homeless leaves in the harvest wind there... the kiss of the autumnal air there. There there. A peace possessed her. And there among the rustling liquid amber trees and heavy clouds, there may have been the sweetest giggle betrayed... had she just heard that? Or was it her made the sound?

A Loving Gust SKETCH.jpg