The Dearly DeParty

‘I want to disappear.’ Wept the bereaved sapling. And Mother Birch couldn’t help but leave the lights
Of The Dearly Departy to give her a reassuring caress. But the sapling could hear nor feel nothing. So she kept on with her wailing Prayer for the Dead.

This is the one sadness of the sweet hereafter.
For They are both there whenever one needs the other. It’s just that only Mother Birch, free of her mortal coils, knows this and alas
the Sapling does not...

And so her Great Loneliness Continues...

“Why? Why?”
The Sapling asks the nothingness.
“I miss you so...why did you have to go?”

The Dearly Departy 1.jpg

And though now she a be a conscious part of this great symphony- the Universe, Mother Birch see's that tonight's pain is tomorrow's strong roots. And the sound of creeping boughs whisper... 

“Let the sunlight
Touch Thine
Bruised Petals, 
My crushed little blossom. 
Through Foggy Fear
And Raining Tears
An Olive Tree Grows
And may you see
... it is wonderful here.”

Mother Birch says this often to the Sapling. Because you see,
  This is the Dead’s Prayer... for the Living.

The Dearly Departy SKETCH.JPG
A Behind-the-scenes time-lapse of illustrating the little Ghost Story "The Dearly Departy" coming to the website on December 23rd, 2017. I don't own the rights to the music just a humble fan of Maurice Ravel and his Spanish Rhapsody...