The Twins
Of Parties Past.PNG

"It must be worth more than that.", said the Colonal before proceeding to talk about the parties that used to go on there. They were nice stories. Then he told The Appraiser about The Twins at his Winter Ball. "They wore Raven-feathered-dresses and they ascended these very stairs- up, up, and up in to the starry sky!" Then he stopped talking and put his hand upon the railing. And the sound of the tapping rain might just as well have been his quiet pain. Not another one, she thought. She tried to say something validating but her voice trailed off. Appraisal can be a sad business... and she wished right then she could traffic in romantic moments rather than in...'Ruthless Time'.

A behind-the-scenes look at my process illustrating this tiny tale, using the dipping fountain pen. The pencil planning was first and while I enjoy it there is a haunting magic that unfolds when the pool of ink is opened...