Solomon Landerman

New Moon

Solomon Landerman
New Moon
New Moon

New Moon

Tomorra is the gentle light
Of the waxing moon on Sundae's Eve.
It is like a gauntlet that lands
'Are you ready now?'
Yea, 'tis a second chance.
Tomorra is the opportunity
To make an unforgettable Yesterdae.
It is everlasting forgiveness
It is thy reward for survival.
Tomorra is that feathered flapping
To the unwritten future.
Tomorra is a hyacinth kiss
From your higher self
Tomorra is the clue of hope
It is all that excitement you feel
In the light of the waxing moon.
This is a time to rejoice ye know-
For now it is Tomorrow.

I had been awaiting the waxing moon to announce the new site as well as the online shop. It is customary in many a storied and successful business that to go on any business venture on a full moon is fool hardy. It symbolizes the end of things and is therefore not an ideal omen for new beginnings. It were a fortnight it took of patience and reassessments and extra inspections. In the end this was a good thing and by the time the waxing moon had arrived I was delighted to write and draw about it... And so it began like most all my new ones- with pencil...

New Moon Pencil.jpg