The Stroll

~Vernon Jr. takes his walks every late Sunday's Even'. And joy of joys- these weekly strolls of his now take him through my neighborhood in The Sweet Hereafter. He has grown consistent in his routine. As the meaning of it builds with repetition, we the After-lifers begin to see him. He is reaching a higher plain here. And so I make sure to walk with him when he comes by. Every time.

The Stroll.jpg

He is like a giant! Standing at six feet one inches. My word, he's been doing these walks and committing to his questions- why it seems his hands are materializing more and more here.

O, I want to hold the hand of Vernon, my Great Great Great Great Grandson! I suppose sometimes the incorporeal just has to question the sheer fantastical impossibility of the corporeal. To catch up on times in the ways that only such a contact can do that would be Divine! 

Or perhaps I am in awe of the strong genes brought forth by Junior's Egyptian Grandmother. His hand is right there- right in front of me! Heavens, I know it can't happen but more and more I wonder- can something living be... touched?

This young  man knows he is being haunted. But does he know by whom? He seems to calm whilst in my company. My pale hand waivers as I reach out to his...~

eternal walks.JPG
eternal walks 3.JPG