The 'Tater Chip Epiphany

~The Tater Chip Epiphany~

"Huh! Look no bleedin' gums!", he exclaimed with reckless abandon. Mr.Baxter loved his tater chips. Alas, in his old age he had come to dread biting into them. Where once he was a boy reveling in crunching and the sound of crunching- now he had a patience every bit as brittle as the salty chards that stabbed around his old teeth with unpredictable breaking points-the kind that occur at *ahem* crunchtime. One day, whilst he stared at his plate of chips which Maggie had laid out for him, he took up his trusty butter knife and began... tapping. He tapped the little gum-cutters at key points to trigger the crunches. And he now had perfectly shaped and gum friendly fragments of tater chips. He felt it coursing through his old birthday suit- a winged triumph that only comes with old age and experience
...and yet he felt like a boy enjoying tater chips again.


Maggie saw him hoist aloft his tiny quarry with spry glee, his face seemed to crack in two with more crows feet than a murder into what she thought was the biggest smile since she said yes to him; and Lord, that was several decades ago. 'There's that irresistible wolf!'She thought. The sheen of his trusty cutter seemed to gleam with the powers of epiphany. An arrival had just occurred. It might have been smaller than the salt crystals... yea, or larger than his lifetime. And overtaken with startling pride, he stammered, "Maggie, I am so smart!" "Oh Harry..." she thought, smiling upon him as he crunched and giggled away to himself.

Enjoy a time-lapse of creating Mr.Baxter's thrilling Epiphany using the dipping Fountain Pen. Until next time...