From Widow to Bride

From Widow To Bride

The reception was dying a peaceful death now. And whence there were no more than eight or nine guests about- she bade them all to leave her there for a moment, in that peculiar moonlight. Alone. Her Mother, The Maid-of-Honor, some bridesmaids, two brothers, the in-laws, all of them- they knew somehow what it meant. 

For a Widow-Turned-Bride quite often needs that last moment to say goodbye to her previous chapter and hello to the next one. Yea, and to breathe.
The new husband reluctantly joined the rest as they left. But amid the sounds of the wind and the tides, he heard her beginning to weep. And the moonlight gathered quietly by her side to become...Him.

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Yes it were the first husband come back from that most Ethereal Yonder! And the Sea seemed to hiss, "Hello my dear. You look a dream as you alwayssss did. Congratulationssss to you on your wedding day-- why do you weep, child?" And he took her hand in his own moonbeam palms. 

And the sad happiness took her away upon her own teardrops thru the Celestial Tower Nebulae, Comet-Tails and at last a life upon Alpha Centauri. Whence there were no more tears he landed her safely back upon those innocent dance floorboards and stone steps. All within seconds... Such is the journey of a Widow-Turned-Bride as she takes a breath to say goodbye...

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