The Disturbance

The shriek turned to a howl. A strange animal appeared to all the strange animals. The gulls and the eels wondered, 'But who is this laughing demon?' The waves pushed against her. But she was pure persuasive playfulness.  

And she took the foam in her two little mermaid tales, flicking the fins upward to dance with a hundred splitting droplets, driving them thither through the ethers, to her hanging dreams. 

The Disturbance.PNG

The roiling currents wound about her amphibious feet like a gleeful symphony for a new Queen. It was as though the entire ocean upon seeing her pour her delight forth had been moved to open its own quiet heart in celebration.

And though she rejoiced in the churning cheer of seven happy seas- the loudest sound was the voice of the old crone, hoarse yet emphatic, saying to her... "Tell them all who you are."

The Disturbance SKETCH.JPG