An Evergreen Legend

The leaves here could be eggshells. To tread upon them is to disturb something deep. Is it mine own sadness? I know the wind is answering my question yet I am taken with a guilt not understanding it's language. She is left from this world.

The lore says her husband buried her beneath a nameless pile of stones. The Earth swallowed up her wants and dreams as it did her remains. And all there be of her is a strange legend in these, the woods of her daughter's son's cousin's step-mother's property. The branches freeze as though I caught them helping someone to escape and they would not dare betray their friend with a single shift of the twig. 

An Evergreen Legend.PNG

O, this cruel twisting world would not tell nor celebrate dear Kara's story. Aye, but these whispering trees do. I have heard them. "Karaaaa... Karaaaa", they hiss. In the light of Spring's first full Moon. 

And for me- as the clumsy descendant of the woman who loved her, it is a story that has remained evergreen throughout my deciduous life, sending me- a withering lost soul here. 

And...wait- but what is that over there? 

An Evergreen Legend SKETCH.JPG

And now- please enjoy a behind-the-scenes look illustrating the ghost story, "An Evergreen Legend". It begins from a very minimalist Sketch in pencil to some atmospheric  washes, brushwork, and inky watercolors. Enjoy my friends!