Dance Of The Ages

With a robust rush of blood through their feverish young veins, the young lovers rendered the Shrinking Old Man to be frail, and forgotten in the bubbles of their laughter; and they danced and whispered their many sweet nothings.

Why- if they bothered to look upon him, they might have even seen through his hunched back to the old table where he sat nodding his head at whatever strange beat in the modern musics he might be able to recognize... 

Dance Of The Ages.PNG

Ah but the bubbling Lovers faded like mere moments amid his muscular memories as he smiled to the empty seat next to him.

It were as though the seat was a'glow with the ghost of that all-knowing Woman who, once upon a cool September day, bought him this very suit in which he now shrank year after year. And a Golden Grin bubbled up to his time-tattoo'd face. 

Dance Of The Ages SKETCH.JPG

When compared to the many bubbles of worlds of galaxies and whirling multi-verses of countless delicious memories owned by The Shrinking Man, the epic tale being written by the Young Lovers shrank away like the golden bubbles in his requisite flute.

And The Young Lovers' danced within their sweet, naive nothings...
Whilst the Shrinking Man smiled within his sweet, savory somethings...

Here we are- a behind the scenes look at illustrating the short ghost story "Dance Of The Ages" using the dipping fountain pen. It was emotional exploring the many techniques of this one. And a few story angles came up in it as a result. Enjoy!