A Sunset On Eternity

"Another End to Eterinity", thought Douglas The Digger. "Good night my friends. Sleep well... for you have a long day of sleeping tomorra." For those few blissful golden-pink-pastel minutes, he rules the plain of the living and dearly departed. His troubles are washed away. They be buried somewhere in this lichyard with his heart. But he feels the space it once held seem to beat a bit whence he recalls her sweet black eyes as the light fades to deep depths.

A Sunset On Eternity3.jpg

What a thing each day to achieve one's own God-given birthright: The ability of a winged heart to take flight beyond the speed of light and beyond that golden-pink horizon all in a few phantom heart beats. To be reminded that he is more than who his friends, family, and his enemies tell him he is. To be told by the cawing of the crow, the breathing of the distant sea, and the soft kiss of the breeze upon his naked bald pate, "You are now and have heretofore been still more than all of this. Keep existing my friend and lover."

A Sunset On Eternity SKETCH.JPG

And Lady Night will fall upon him. And alas, he will sleep. But tomorra he will have a long day of Digging to do. And he will witness another otherworldly sunset upon the Lichyard. And Douglas The Digger will know his soul again for but a few Golden-Pink-Pastel Moments...