A Forest Of Water

Her dark hair was shiny and heavy from her watery exploits- and she giggled again, wondering aloud what it was going to look like tomorra?

"Perhaps a wild berry bush? Or... a Fern! Or a raucous Band of Blue Jays and in mating season- Ha! ha!" She said to the rain, "O, I do hope it's that LAST one!", she chattered. "Hmmmmmm", she said. And she listened to the many sounds of the watery forest.

A Forest Of Water.PNG

Tap tap went the giggling drip of the wet world. From without her 'shroom abode was a hiss of rain. She watched it all dance. The whole forest was at play with giant droplets and rippling puddles. Nothing to do but watch it all. And she rocked back and forth, to and fro like the mischievous sprite that she was. Waiting for the rains to cease. It was all a wonder to her. All of it- The exciting shiver she felt, the smell of fresh wet Earth about her, even this 'sticky feeling'- Yes, she savored all of this- ever the odd pixie that she was-

O! And that slightly painful yet massage-like- 'pulling' feeling where her shoulder blades met her wet membrane wings which were a bit heavy with wintery water. Usually she felt the air with these membranes but as they stuck web-like to everything they touched- she could feel the many surfaces of her Fungi-Abode.

A Forest Of Water SKETCH.JPG

Even the slight spells of boredom made her feel a giddiness. And she listened to all the many sounds of water: waiting rain drops finally dropping to their destinies with joyous splashes into thousands of tiny ponds. Revived rivers rushing through the background with a fortifying hiss, and the excited dialogue of frogs as they began their merriment.

There was growling thunder shuddering through her ribs, tippity-tappities doing the flamingo with plippity-ploppities, flashes of lightening through the black canopy looming above, winking at her muddy skin. "Hee Hee" went she, "Hmmmmm..." and the rainy forest chattered away to her. It laughed and cried and confessed it's dark and shy heart to her... to her...

Nothing quite like a rainy day during the Month of "Febufairy". A behind the scenes look making the illustration for my short story "A Forest Of Water" using the old and elegant dipping fountain pen. See and read and hear more ghost stories at my moody website