The Hunger Of Her

She watched the giant furry hairs spiral all around by the thousands. They filled her vision. It was as though she were watching grass blowing about in the wind. They danced all around the sleeping wolf eye like whole fields of grey, gold, and black wheat. Sometimes the hairs would blow right and other times, sharp left. There were times they circled all around the sealed eye.

There were those great whip-like eye-lashes of his- which darted and twitched this way and that. O, those were things to watch out for! One brush with them and the fiery eye would spring to life and then she would need to beware. And so they did this dance. She flying near to him at witchin' time in the blue mists of his moonlit breath, intrigued by the twitching closed eyes, attracted to his dreams, stirred by his gentle growls; and he pursuant of some irresistible query across the dreamscapes.

The Hunger Of Her.PNG

And she reached out her tiny hand to feel the heat coming off his great coat. The eye bulged beneath that large blanket of an eye lid. And here came another eye whip lashing just past her pointed ear, missing her naked shoulder. And she lurched to the side with a spring of her mothy wings faster than the eyes of this world could see. The lash hissed again through the air but she was already out of the way. And so she danced with her giant and still somnambulist- and she would calm his raging sleep. And his eye-whip lashes and churning ebbs of fur relaxed.

And in the silence that followed- her fingertips grazed his eyes and her ear-tips heard the lupine howls in the spirit world. She heard the sounds of him chew off a fresh kill, flesh gnashed, bloodlust sated, and bones licked. And she felt her belly hungry no more. And she heard the flapping of a dream pheasant as it attempted to fly past the Lupine as he dined but his pistol was at the ready as he got up from his table of two-footed fantasy. Then...

The Hunger Of Her SKETCH.JPG

"HISSSSSS!" came the sound of his closest eye-lash just before it connected with her exposed waist.

"AHHH!" she exclaimed as it cut across the skin of her midrif. She saw the dreaded yellow sliver ‘neath the rising blanket. And she lingered not a millisecond more. In a flash- his massive jaws clamped down on only the air and moonbeams where she had been.

He looked about, alert and blinking in the moonlit mists of his blue breath. With a definitive snort of that sparkling black snout, he laid his huge head back down upon those warm paws and glistening claws; twitching those whip-like lashes, before finally covering those flaming yellow orbs of his in wispy heavy blankets.

And peering from a nearby tree hollow she sang him the tiniest of howls...