A Sad And Joyous Epiphany

...And in the shade of the Little Dark twisting Oak, she meandered, ‘What a tangled webbed way we weaveth.’ The breeze brushed upward from just below her chin as ‘twere a gentle and invisible hand softly raising her gaze up to behold the headstones in their vast and eternal abode.

The cemetery grass had long begun to green in the laughing rains of winter. She could see now why someone would spend their life here- as he did.

Here, amongst the dreams of the Departed- one could feel the very secret of life itself.

Yesterday there were duties. Last night there was pain. This morning there was heartache. An hour ago there was listless wandering. And a moment ago, she was enshrouded by a tangle of shadows at the end of her loneliness. She came here to see him at work- to watch him dig away as usual.

A Sad And Joyous Epiphany.PNG

She discovered that it was impossible even in solitude to feel alone in a cemetery. Amid the people- she was the strange one, always the judged one, always alone. But here... here was cathartic respite.

And she felt atlast that she could breathe.

And sigh.

How she sighed- for to find peace in rest was to dwell amongst the Ones who Rest In Peace.

And the Little Dark Oak behind her rustled as if whispering it’s agreement to her sad and joyous epiphany. The wind playfully swooped up her hair with all its fingers and fingernails as though ‘twere trying to braid her raven tresses.

And she heard the hoarse croak of a Corvus bird above her. She turned to see him in his dark and mystical majesty, newly perched upon a branch, taking an interest in her, craning his stately crown as he figured her out before her upcast eyes.

A Sad And Joyous Epiphany SKETCH.JPG

And as she looked down- she saw it. The entire universe. The first flower of March. It had petals as white as the beginning of a poet's new ledger. She moved absently to pluck it but the stately dark one on the Little Dark Oak croaked ‘NAW.’ And with that her Raven tresses blew back into her face. Her hand fell humbly back to her side...

And she was again in her humility... in the eternity of the lichyard...

'How peculiar', she thought as she gazed upon the eternal. What simplicity amidst the tangle of Oaken Shadows all-round her.

How strange- she should feel the secret of her life now yet never learn it until it was over...